In the dog days of 2020, a year in which every hour brought a new horror, a group of old friends stumble across a very different flavor of terror. Created by a group of Chicago theatre artists locked out of their livelihoods by the pandemic, Fresh Hell is a critically acclaimed horror-comedy that captures the spirit of a damned era. Blood. Chuckles.

  • 1 hr 19 minNR
  • Jun 10, 2022
  • Horror

Cast & Crew

  • Lanise Antoine ShelleyActor

  • Ryan ImhoffActor

  • Will MobleyActor

  • Tyler Owen ParsonsActor

  • Crystal KimActor

  • Rob FaginActor

  • Matt NealDirector

  • Ryan ImhoffDirector

  • Ryan ImhoffProducer

  • Caitlin ConklinProducer