Fright Night Rated R

Fright Night R PT106M


Senior Charlie Brewster finally has it all - he's running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he's so cool he's even dissing his best friend Ed. But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there's something not quite right - and everyone, including Charlie's mom, doesn't notice. After witnessing some very unusual activity, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire preying on his neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone that he's telling the truth, Charlie has to find a way to get rid of the monster himself in this Craig Gillespie-helmed revamp of the comedy-horror classic.

Running Time
1 hr 46 min
Craig Gillespie
Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Colin Farrell
Release Date
August 19, 2011

Movie Buzz

  • @SunshinesCashew

    I just now noticed he played in my favorite movie fright night 😔#RIP #AntonYelchin

  • @James_Salter

    @Alltheway80s @iam_jlc another classic 80's movie "Fright Night"

  • @Dex_Starrrr

    Zac bought me a Garchomp to protect me for fright night movie marathon, his name is sharknado the king shark

  • @RonaEncarnacion

    Oh yeah, got my Fright Night movie...#ColinFarrell #DavidTennant and #AntonYelchin oh my! Tribute continues...

  • @MrChrisAguilar

    Pero lyyyyke hello duh so this is how our Aguilar Family Fright Night Movie Outing went last…

  • @mirz333

    Kids want to watch a movie. I owe them one for falling asleep last time. So, looks like "Fright Night" is on the agenda. Love Roddy McDowall

  • @firewillbeborn

    Ahh I just only read about Anton Yelchin's death... He did such a great job in the movie Fright Night.... Life is cruel.