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This is the true story of Oscar, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who wakes up on the morning of December 31, 2008 and feels something in the air. Not sure what it is, he takes it as a sign to get a head start on his resolutions: being a better son to his mother, whose birthday falls on New Year's Eve, being a better partner to his girlfriend, who he hasn't been completely honest with as of late, and being a better father to T, their beautiful 4- year- old- daughter. He starts out well, but as the day goes on, he realizes that change is not going to come easy. He crosses paths with friends, family, and strangers, each exchange showing us that there is much more to Oscar than meets the eye. But it would be his final encounter of the day, with police officers at the Fruitvale BART station that would shake the Bay Area to its very core, and cause the entire nation to be witnesses to the story of Oscar Grant.

Running Time
1 hr 25 min
Release Date
July 12, 2013

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  • @_xCrushinOnLexx

    Man that movie Fruitvale Station was so sad. Made me cry. Show you how crooked these cops is in the world frfr.

  • @ButBokky

    Fruitvale station need to watch that movie!

  • @jessebtw

    Fruitvale Station is such a good movie👌

  • @T_Levings

    Fruitvale Station is the movie of the year.

  • @steezyDEV

    Fruitvale Station a crazy movie

  • @Quadia01

    My first time lastnight seeing fruitvale station , that movie is so sad 😥😥

  • @WatchMovieOnlen

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