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Movie Buzz

  • @maddiemorrow10

    Mad Max: Fury Road is such a good movie👏🏼👏🏼

  • @RocMegamanX

    📷 granphalloon: funny guys watching the fatal fury movie  https://t.co/Hn9TVdwRja

  • @KizzyBits

    Nick Fury just dug a hole through the earth in this movie with a pen

  • @sweeeeeetiePie

    I watched #Fury earlier good movie with #BradPitt

  • @DyanaRae

    RT @ToryBelleci: My new favorite movie, Kung Fury. #kungfury #DavidSamberg @davidhasselhoff https://t.co/3ppwS8GcMn

  • @_hailien

    rango and mad max fury road are low key the same movie

  • @blackwidowmovi

    A Nick Fury movie in Phase 3, #butnoblackwidowmovie? #wewantwidow