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    RT @MadMaxMovie: Exclusive: #MadMax: Fury Road Special Feature Clip Rocks out with the #Doof Wagon http://t.co/laq5FlXMf7

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    Time travel. 1980's.Triceracop. Hasselhoff. Kung Fury = best movie ever made? #NonDisney http://t.co/lEeEMI75YE http://t.co/mbwx1nTBCl


    Fury is a good movie

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    #Movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Blu-ray Featurette http://t.co/4JwmE5vmT9

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    RT @AlamoDFW: Jet Li and Zhang Wen are caught in a deadly game with a killer in our next FREE Asian Movie Madness - BADGES OF FURY! http://…

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    RT @ArifAlvi: Enjoyed the movie Mad Max Fury Road (for those who would ask me whether I saw '50 Shades of Grey'... No I didn't but did enjo…

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    RT @PhillyTheBoss: Mad Max: ‘Fury Road’ [Movie Monday Pick] #iTunes| #SoPhi http://t.co/lPISA7vN8R