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Movie Buzz

  • @CathyHoliday

    #Actor #Movie Fury (#DVD, 2015) Brand New/Sealed - #BradPitt https://t.co/vmhOci5eOR #eBay #Auction https://t.co/cWQ7NIUuyK

  • @iCelebrity_Buzz

    Fury (#DVD, 2015) Brand New/Sealed - Brad Pitt https://t.co/9YwxvfjNWg #Actor #Movie https://t.co/QDSnNtKA7m

  • @AderynTheSly

    We're watching Mad Max: Fury Road for movie night. Last call for those that want to sneak in the back of the room.

  • @iCelebrity_Buzz

    Fury (Blu-ray Disc, 2015) Pristine Shape - Brad Pitt https://t.co/75HADDJTTg #Actor #Movie https://t.co/0cSM7PnsUb

  • @lamRiku

    I feel like I'm the only person that loved Mad Max: Fury Road. Anytime I mention the movie to someone they hate it.

  • @jarrettw22

    The movie fury really hits the feels

  • @onimaruxlr

    I wish Charlie Murphy and Samuel L Jackson were working together again Maybe cast Murphy as a Dethlok in the Nick Fury solo movie