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Movie Buzz

  • @_SAND_LOT

    Should i get a brad pit haircut from the movie fury ??? https://t.co/uGd03Bzcj8

  • @CourtGrangier

    Thankful for Tom Hardy and his masterful acting skills and for bestowing me the greatest movie of the modern era; Mad Max: Fury Road

  • @Ellis2234

    I lied... Kung Fury is a decent movie 😂😂

  • @DrJekyill

    RT @BurnettRM: CREED, along with FURY ROAD, is easily the most SATISFYING movie I've seen all year. Your move, FORCE AWAKENS...

  • @Flintedge

    I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rhMm30Q39h KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]

  • @lauramontiel_

    Fury is such a good movie...

  • @HannahMorton_

    RT @mattrose_4: Kung Fury might be the worst movie I've ever seen lol