GABRIEL tells the story of a young Cape Verdean boxer, Gabriel Silva (Igor Regalla), who travels to Portugal after the death of his mother. In Lisbon, Gabriel is trying to find his father Valdo (Angelo Torres), a former boxing champion, who he hasn't seen since childhood. The pursuit leads Gabriel to Lisbon's underground boxing world, where he is targeted by Rui (Jose Condessa), a violent gang member led by Jorge (SArgio Praia), who organizes all the illegal fights in the neighborhood. Gabriel also meets the mysterious Kelly (Susana Sa), a woman with a connection to his father's past who knows more than it first appears. In an effort to help his severely ill father, Gabriel is set to fight against Rui. Along the way, Gabriel finds hope in Dani (Almeno GonAalves), one of the owners of the boxing club, who becomes his trainer, as well as Elisa (Ana Marta Ferreira), a young woman who helps him accept this new life and motivates him to fight.

  • Nov 8, 2019
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Angelo TorresActor

  • Ana Marta FerreiraActor

  • Igor RegallaActor

  • Jose CondessaActor

  • Henriqueta MaiaActor

  • Sergio PraiaActor

  • Susana SaActor

  • Nuno BernardoDirector

  • Nuno BernardoProducer

  • Sara Marques MoitaProducer