Kumari, or Kumari Devi, or Living Goddess- is the tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy or devi in Hindu religious traditions. Kumari is believed to be the incarnation of Taleju, after which it is believed that the goddess vacates her body. Serious illness, major losses of blood from an injury or after her first menstruation are also causes for loss of deity. Sujata Shakya (Shristi Shrestha) is an ex Kumari who is been struggling with her life after she got out of the Kumari Ghar. Sujata's life takes a turn when she meets aspiring filmmaker Aarav (Anmol KC) during her one of the documentary interviews. She experiences a different life when Aarav introduces her with his sister Prakriti (Menuka Pradhan) and friends like Rajiv (Gaurav), Jayson (Salon Basnet) and Lakshya (Ritik Sahi) who represent today's youth. Sujata starts dreaming about her future and new life after she gets moral support from her new friends but the inner face of this society is pretty hypocrite. GAJALU carries the story of an ex-Kumari's life after Kumari ghar and what kind of consequences she faces.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • ANMOL K.C.Actor






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