Garam Rated NR

Garam PT0M
No Poster Available
Rr Madan
Aadi Pudipeddi, Adah Sharma
Release Date
February 11, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @watermelonumi

    i dont want a pakistani actor, in my indian movie, singing “ek garam chai ki pyali ho”. that type of art is only deserving of an indian

  • @coffee_garam

    RT @beingDChauhan: She said , U r hero of my life Later I realised that her life was a multi starer movie...!!

  • @coffee_garam

    RT @BakwasRadio: If Adele was the actress, the movie will be called 'Adele Hai Mushkil'.

  • @Chai_Garam

    RT @clued_up_chic: Do you watch a movie and like it so much that you spend another hour searching for all the accolades it may have receive…


    Hot short Movie of of garam bhabi with dewar: via @YouTube

  • @coffee_garam

    RT @HaramiParindey: *Watching Anna Hazare movie* Girlfriend : popcorn, Coke, nachos le aao Boyfriend *points at screen* : Woh Anshan pe ba…