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  • @bluackerman

    RT @ernestbaker: you know how adjusted for inflation gone with the wind is the biggest movie ever, adele doing 2.5M in 2015 is like 25M in …

  • @AshleyNSawyer

    RT @JoanneMichele99: Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie.

  • @Susie487

    I had a dream last night that I live tweeted Gone With The Wind and tweeted nearly 200 times about the movie.

  • @Trendingpix

    Link: https://t.co/VOh7vv6Mq6 #GonewiththeWind #Painting #of #Scarlet #that #was #featured #in #the #Movie #Gone #… https://t.co/htaPqR78lj

  • @clebrityfashion

    All the black actors casted in the movie 'Gone With the Wind' were not allowed to attend the premiere of the movie.

  • @mylifeishire

    Gone With the Wind is literally the best movie ever. No one can even try to argue this with me.

  • @M68Thompson

    Watching Gone With The Wind. Movie totally blows. Sorry critics this movie is terrible