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  • @NoHoKev

    @NASCARonNBC Might I suggest running a movie instead of boring us to tears? I suggest Dukes of Hazard or Cannonball Run? Gone With The Wind?

  • @a_serious_joke

    #nvx1: Watch the last half hour of that movie 'Gone with the Wind' and see what carpet baggers do. Same thing had happened to Russia.

  • @Timothy81202965

    Check out Gone With The Wind, 50th Anniversary,Commemorative Limited Edition Movie Classic http://t.co/DpUUxMLnF0 @eBay


    Love this movie classic Clark Gable Vivian Leigh Gone with The Wind https://t.co/3pC3tkRzua

  • @trcox9572

    Wow. NAACP is a joke. They're actually asking for Gone With the Wind to be taken off the shelves I'm stores. The most sold movie ever

  • @kilpatrickeolue

    #VivienLeigh Original Movie #Poster Gone With the Wind Clark Gable Vivien Leigh 1939 Promotion http://t.co/xrCaAT2t82 #Film #Actress

  • @mzw007

    Is the movie, "Gone with the Wind" going to be banned next?