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Movie Buzz

  • @rocka_fro

    After hearing the hype about the movie Gone with the wind. I got the book to read first. Couldn't get past 1st few pages. It was just 😒

  • @NowMediaScott

    'Gone with the Wind' is America's all-time favorite movie, survey says https://t.co/SBE1JcT5CC via UPI

  • @ElRecluse

    gone with the wind is definitely the most iconic movie of all time, probably forever

  • @History420bird

    Before roots became most watched TV movie ever, gone with the wind was the most watched #tytlive

  • @rugamasolanoru

    GONE WITH THE WIND * GABLE * 1/5 SCALE REPRODUCTION MOVIE POSTER * MATTED https://t.co/bZRcf4vkbg https://t.co/a1dPjOgpUf

  • @find_review

    Gone With The Wind Cook Book: Famous Southern Cooking Recipes (movie tie-in) '61 https://t.co/PyoBEJNu4B https://t.co/NX9EXO3nqf

  • @vivianhartleys

    "She was already a movie star when Gone with the Wind was made" ok listen.....you couldn't be more wrong