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    The "Burning of Atlanta" scene in Gone With The Wind (1939) was shot long before filming start... https://t.co/ul9ICtgEfI #movie #movies

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    He is gone with the wind and this is not a movie.You're not a gold digging woman so why not choose me .#emotionsoffervor

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    Gone with the wind???? Only the greatest movie ever!!!! *rolls eyes #thechase

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    I think my favorite monster movie is 'Gone With the Wind', because it has that ear monster and that big-dress monste https://t.co/mVIokxtmuq

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    Gone With The Wind, Original 1939 Olivia De Havilland Artwork, Movie Photo # https://t.co/vqcpzNpQkh Free Ebay Sniping ↺RT, Favo

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    You're such a child. You think by saying, I'm sorry," all the past can be corrected?" - Gone with the Wind (1939)