College is usually the most rocking, wild and memorable times of most peopleas lives! The same holds true for our three main protagonists Amar (Riteish Deshmukh), Meet (Vivek Oberoi) and Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) who grew up together and had the best time of their lives in College! Their last day of graduation marked the first day of Robert Dasouza as the new Principal/Dean of the College! An extremely strict, principled and brutal man, who hated promiscuity amongst students!! When we meet our three heroes 6 years later, we see that the shackles of married life have dulled their edges and they are extremely unhappy in their respective marriages due to various reasons! They get a golden opportunity to revisit their glory days when they are invited for a aCentenary Reuniona of their college! Leaving their wives behind, they embark on what they believe will be a fun, crazy and promiscuous time where they will relive their college life by scoring with girls and adding some spice to their bland lives even if it means being unfaithful! But their joy is short lived when they realize that the University is still under the strict and dangerous regime of Principal Robert Dasouza! All forms of carnal activities as well as fornication are banned! In spite of this they meet three women, Rose a' a hot teacher, Mary a' a sexy student and Marlow a' a gorgeous ex-student, who seem to be ready for a good time especially as Principal Robert is away for a few days! Our three protagonists comply by shedding more than just their inhibitions. While in the home of the three women, the doorbell rings and they realize that itas Principal Robert at the door! Their horror knows no bounds as they realize that the three women are the wife, daughter and sister of Principal Robert! Amar, Meet and Prem try to hide and save their skins! They decide to leave the college and go back home to save their lives! But before they can, trouble arrives in the form of their wives who land up for the college reunion to surprise their husbands! Now they are trapped and canat leave! How Amar, Meet and Prem juggle their wives, Rose, Mary, Marlow and a blood thirsty Principal Robert in the midst of the aREUNIONa celebrations, games, and parties, now leads to hilarious and exciting moments!

  • 2 hr 15 minNR
  • Drama

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