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Based upon the true story of Kimberley T. Zulkowski's Grandmother, Margie Ree Harris. 'Grandma's House' gives a compelling insight into how the Executive Producer's life changed when she moved into her Grandmother's home, and their generations became one under the same roof. Chock-full of passion, Faith, and Family, the Film demonstrates the trials and tribulations she faced living with a Grandparent who stood as an inner-city Matriarch and Pillar of Strength to selflessly serve her Family, and surrounding community.

Paul D. Hannah
Loretta Devine
Release Date
April 29, 2016

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    Grandma's Boy (3/5) Movie CLIP - Party at Grandma's House (2006) HD

  • @FJGonzalez316

    Watching a movie I've only seen once when I was around 14 at my grandma's house: Blood Diner, from 1987.

  • @thicc_jimin

    WHY IS EVERYTHING IN MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE MAKING SOUNDS, i'm never watching a horror movie again

  • @James_McCaffery

    Grandma's Boy (3/5) Movie CLIP - Party at Grandma's House (2006) HD via @YouTube