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This is the story of a puppy that touches countless people around the world. Batong is an adorable Chinese Rural Dog. He meets his destined owner, Jingxiu Chen, in a sea of people, and becomes a member of the Chen family. As time goes by, the once wonderful home is no longer there, but Batong remains in place and keeps waiting. His fate ties to that of his family. This film is adapted from the original screenplay by Kaneto Shindo "Hachiko Monogatari"

  • 2 hr 5 minNR
  • Apr 14, 2023
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Feng XiaogangActor

  • Chen JoanActor

  • Qian BoActor

  • Xu AngDirector

  • Hu QinggangProducer

  • Ya NingProducer

  • Li LiangwenWriter

  • Li LinWriter

  • Zhang HansiWriter

  • Xu AngWriter