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HALF TICKET, a film about desires and the yearning for the unattainable, is the story of two slum kids who are fascinated with the arrival of a new pizza shop in their locality. Expensive beyond their means, they long to try one, but fate has a different game in store for them. Weaving a story of myriad relationships in the world of the 'have nots', HALF TICKET interlaces the story of the kids' desires for a pizza with a mother's desire to bring her husband back home and a low-rent thug's desire for easy money. The film also metaphorically accounts the world of the 'haves' and their desire for the little things in lives that eludes them and the desires invoked by television, which teaches us to salivate over things we never knew, otherwise existed. In a world divided, the desires explored through the film showcase a world filled with expectations and aspirations -- an entry ticket to an exclusive club.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew


  • USHA NAIKActor


  • Priyanka BoseActor

  • SAMIT KAKKADDirector


Cast & Crew photos provided by TMDb.

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