High School Rated R

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The day after soon-to-be valedictorian Henry Burke (Matt Bush) takes a hit of the chronic for the first time, his school principal (Michael Chiklis) institutes a zero tolerance drug policy and administers a mandatory drug test for all students. Henry has two options: fail and lose his college scholarship, or team up with his stoner friend Breaux (Sean Marquette) to beat the system. They steal a high powered ganja from law student-turned-drug-dealer Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody) and spike the school's bake sale brownies, getting the whole schoolfaculty includedcompletely stoned out of their minds. But with the student body getting higher and higher with every brownie, and a pissed-off Psycho Ed on their tails for stealing his stash, they must find a way to keep their half-baked plan from going up in smoke.

Running Time
1 hr 39 min
Release Date
June 1, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @LindseySoares2

    My brother goes out while I watch a movie with my parents and then go to sleep He was cooler than me in high school

  • @Mal_LowMein

    If high school doesn't end like the movie Grease..... Imma be real upset.

  • @cococourtney27

    Jack : "hey have you ever seen that high school musical movie??" ......

  • @wiwikirna

    everyone's high school movie and ost in indonesia in my age for sure and can't wait for sequel after decade! https://t.co/9gfGt7zQSk

  • @haylee_dw

    RT @lizzyboobear98: welcome to mclouth where kids go to the high school on a Friday night cause they're having a movie night

  • @pomck112

    What movie inspires you? — Mac and Devin go to high school😂😂 http://t.co/JBb9X1ka3k

  • @NathanFrontiero

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite high school movie because it gave me a character that was actually me in high school.