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In a world of blue skies, palm trees, and dead bodies, a pair of detectives investigate the murder of a rap group while pursuing their other full-time profession. One's a real estate hustler, the other's a yoga teacher. Welcome to Hollywood Homicide - the only profession where a guy can come to work hungry, horny, thirsty and broke and resolve all four by the end of watch.

  • 1 hr 51 minPG13
  • Jun 13, 2003
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Josh HartnettActor

  • Harrison FordActor

  • Gladys KnightActor

  • Isaiah WashingtonActor

  • Bruce GreenwoodActor

  • Keith DavidActor

  • Lou Diamond PhillipsActor

  • Lena OlinActor

  • Lolita DavidovichActor

  • Martin LandauActor