Marvin returns to the small town where he grew up, after 20 years of prison. Marvin and his mother Bernadette have grown apart. She can't forgive him, neither can the community in Clovis. On Marvin's 16th birthday, he and his friends killed an elderly woman. He went to jail for a little over two decades. Even though he has done his penance, when Marvin returns home it seems as if his ordeal is just beginning.

  • 1 hr 40 minNR
  • Dec 3, 2021
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Kathy BatesActor

  • Jake McLaughlinActor

  • Milton "lil Rel" HoweryActor

  • Algerita WynnActor

  • Chelsea GonzalezActor

  • Katie McCabeActor

  • James JordanActor

  • Jeff ElamActor

  • Bryn ValeActor

  • Samantha ClayActor