Hotel Beautiful is everything except what it claims to be. Once a pearl of Goa beach this Gallic structure, is now a joke of Hospitality Industry. Here chaos is on the menu and confusion is a value added service. Obtuse Harry Singh owns the Hotel as a 90 percent shareholder and drunkard Pedro has mere 10 percent stakes. Harry desires to reinstate its days of glory. In this quixotic project, loyal, tomfool assistant Jaanu accompanies Harry. They are hours away from a Grand Award which may turn things around for the hotel, but standing in the path are Over-demanding customers, an arch rival and a Contract killer whose reputation is on the line. Akhileshwar Muthulingum slick like a whistle, on his honeymoon is a guest at Hotel Beautiful booked by Harry for room number 25. He has paid handsomely for top-notch hospitality and all he has received is Hostility so far. If this is not enough, he has to meet the whimsies of his dominating wife Mili. Nawab Bilal another patron at the Hotel booked by Pedro for the same room no 25 is one bloody hotheaded womanizer who is fleeing from his Control Freak wife Lubna and celebrating his birthday with his dancer girlfriend Sheryl. The mix up and confusion begins with the same room given to 2 couples and on the other hand there is the rival builder wanting to malign Harry further to keep him away from the grand award. Sharp shooter Romeo is hired by the rival to kill a customer in the hotel to drive them away from the hotel. Harry expects turncoat Beauty Contest Organizer Mrs. Jadia to help him achieve the award. Taking advantage of this Mrs. Jadia and her assistant [slave] Toughy are at their evil best at exploiting Harry. The story leads its characters to bump into each other constantly adding pain to their enduring misery in a comical fashion. The story leads to adultery between the couples, a murderer on the chase and a beauty pageant in progress. It's a mad fast paced situational comedy which ends with the final rounds of Mrs. Jadia's miss beach beauty contest in which a bomb is planted by Romeo. The climax witnesses major chaos and the suspense builds up whether Muthu,Nawab and Harry save the hotel and fetch the grand award.

  • Aug 17, 2017
  • Comedy

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  • Brijendra Kala

    Brijendra KalaActor

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