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The Morgans lead a traditional Welsh life and live happily until the changes wrought by increasing industrialization begin to take a toll. First, the owners of the mine reduce wages. Mr. Morgan tries to negotiate with the mine manager, but is given the excuse that the company is not getting as much money for their coal as they used to. Elder son Ianto doesn't believe it - he tells his father that their wages are dropping because the workers from a nearby mine that has shut down, desperate for work, are willing to work for any wage. But Mr. Morgan doesn't believe it - to his mind, the cut is only a few shillings, and 'a good worker is worth good wages, and he will get them.' The Morgan boys suggest forming a union, but Mr. Morgan rejects that talk as 'socialist nonsense.'

  • 1 hr 58 minNR
  • Oct 28, 1941
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Donald CrispActor

  • Maureen O'HaraActor

  • Walter PidgeonActor

  • John LoderActor

  • Mae MarshActor

  • Patric KnowlesActor

  • Roddy McDowallActor

  • Suzanne ToddActor

  • Anna LeeActor

  • Barry FitzgeraldActor