Inspired by stories of Polish musicians from the '30-40s, the film's an uncommon love story; romantic, but with the love of music which draws the characters together. A young couple - Robert, a Catholic opera singer, and Rachel, a Jewish violinist, dream of one day performing together at Carnegie Hall. When they're torn apart by the German invasion of Poland, Robert vows to find Rachel, no matter what. His search takes him on a journey through the heart of Nazi Germany, to a reckoning - that Rachel may be lost to him forever.

  • 1 hr 56 minNR
  • Feb 25, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Stephen DorffActor

  • Ursula ParkerActor

  • Adelaide ClemensActor

  • Toby SebastianActor

  • Stellan Skarsg?rdActor

  • Sebastian CroftActor

  • Leo SuterActor

  • Martha CoolidgeDirector

  • Fred RoosProducer

  • Zbigniew John RaczynskiProducer