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Ricardo, a middle-class father, takes his two daughters to the family home, by the lake, in southern Chile. One day, on a yacht, they see three young local fishermen calling for help from another sinking boat. Ricardo refuses to help, arguing that they look suspicious and exasperating his eldest daughter. His prejudices will be the beginning of a tense journey that will not end well

  • 1 hr 22 minNR
  • Sep 2, 2022
  • Suspense

Cast & Crew

  • Alfredo CastroActor

  • Consuelo Carre?oActor

  • Michael SilvaActor

  • Mariela MignotActor

  • Nicolas PostiglioneDirector

  • Nicolas San MartinProducer

  • Alejandro WiseProducer

  • Arturo PereyraProducer

  • Isabel OrellanaProducer

  • Francisco HerveProducer