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Based on true events, In Broad Daylight reveals little-known truths about residential care homes for the disabled that hide beneath the headlines. A news organization?s investigative journalism unit receives a tip about the abuse of residents at the Rainbow Bridge Care Home. To expose the home?s wrongdoings, reporter Kay goes undercover to expose the inhumanity therein, in search for the cruel truth under broad daylight.

  • 1 hr 46 minNR
  • Dec 8, 2023
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • David ChiangActor

  • Rachel LeungActor

  • Chan Charm Man PeterActor

  • Chou HenickActor

  • Leung Chung HangActor

  • Jennifer YuActor

  • Bowie LamActor

  • Pak Hon ChuActor

  • Lawrence KanDirector

  • Derek YeeProducer