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Inception Rated PG13

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'Inception' is a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.

Running Time
2 hr 28 min
Sci Fi
Release Date
July 16, 2010

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  • @Paetir

    7th Inception RT @NickFish3r: Who's smart? Speaking of math and life, can you guess the movie titles?”

  • @NitinIbmChugh

    Johny Depp must have thought that he got an inception kind of movie in the form of #Transcendance but it turned out to be a disaster..

  • @leonhoi

    I swear that this movie even more confusing than inception! 😂😅

  • @ParadiseIsMagic

    RT @iamkaamchor: Want to see live version of INCEPTION MOVIE?? Den watch a gujju family eating gujju food while travelling in gujrat expre…

  • @Movie_Maniacs


  • @El_Jassmi

    Don't know how people don't rate Inception. Can't stress how brilliant the idea behind the movie is. Top 5 for me.

  • @hanitaale

    inception is a pretty good movie