“ISHQ MY RELIGION” is a character driven thematic film that touches targeted audience's emotions through romance, drama, thrill, music, performances and above all the sentimental entertainment package. The film starts in beautiful suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where Sahiban falls in love with Jeet during their student year's stay in the city. Sahiban is attracted towards Jeet's intellect, persona and physical power traits that he demonstrates during their student years' stay and Jeet is knocked out by Sahiban's beauty. Romance reaches the peaks before they depart Vancouver to their designated city but not before the barrier and the biggest cultural difference comes on screen in the form of their names of Sahiban Khan and Jeet Singh. Since Jeet was unaware of Sahiban being a Muslim, he questioned why didn't Sahiban notify him? Sahiban on the other hand thought she was from a very liberal family and to their family it didn't matter if Jeet was a Sikh so she justified “I thought it may not matter to your family either”. But Jeet is from an orthodox Sikh family. After their return to India, Jeet mentioned the complexity of his affair with Sahiban to his father, Brigadier Balwant Singh Randhawa . Balwant, obnoxiously, reminds Jeet all the sacrifices Sikh Gurus made for the community and how Muslims had always been against to Sikh religion. Jeet, however, still approaches Sahiban's father, Gul Khan, for marriage. Gul, being a liberal thinking man, as mentioned by his daughter accepts Jeet's proposal but only at one condition. The condition is, “---” (Become ours, convert to Islam)”. Jeet didn't like Gul Khan's answer and challenged “-------”. Gul Khan orders his men to shoot Jeet at sight if they see him again around his haveli. Now, the biggest barrier in Indian culture against the love is in between Jeet & Sahiban's love. Religion. Will Jeet meet Sahiban? Will religion win or love? Will Gul Khan agree if Sahiban becomes Sahiban Kaur or will Balwant Singh agree if Jeet becomes Jeet Khan? In midst of all these chaos, two lovers feel what a fakir tried to tell the world… “Chal bulleya chal otthay chaliye, Jitthey saare annay… Na koi saddi jaat pucchay, Na koi sannu mannay.” “ISHQ MY RELIGION”

  • 2 hr 11 minNR
  • Aug 30, 2019