The film is inspired by true events of four-day war in April of 2016.The film depicts paternal relationships spanning three generations and their conflicting ideologies on life. The grandfather, Aram, is a seasoned soldier, a former colonel who has devoted his entire life to creating and preserving a government for his country. His son, Gnel, is a businessman who to this day cannot forgive his father for putting country above family. Grandson, Levon, is a talented musician who is inspired by his grandfather's ideology. However, in the life of our hero his future and his sense of duty for his country collide creating the film's main conflict. The unexpected war in Armenia disturbs the peace in the relationships between the three generations. In this film we witness a tragedy of a nation through one family's story.

  • NR
  • Apr 8, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Alexander KhachatryanActor

  • Levon HakhverdyanActor

  • Armen MargaryanActor

  • Toomaj Danesh-BehzadiActor

  • Marjan AvetisyanActor

  • Shant HovhannisyanActor

  • Alice KaplangyanActor

  • Eva ZohrabyanActor

  • Roman MusheghyanDirector

  • Dianna AvetisyanProducer