Jiang Ziya, a top commander in the divine Kunlun army, is ordered to eliminate the menacing Nine-Tailed Fox Demon which poses a grave threat to humankind and Jiang Ziya's rightful place amongst the Gods. Upon discovering the Fox Demon is inhabited by an innocent young girl, Jiang Ziya faces a moral dilemma between choosing to protect one or to protect all. The follow up to the international blockbuster, NE ZHA, comes the second film from the 'Fengshen Cinematic Universe,' a legendary tale of fate-defying, action-packed Chinese animation.

  • NR
  • Oct 1, 2020
  • Animation

Cast & Crew

  • Xi ZhengActor

  • Li WeiDirector

  • Liu WeiDirector

  • Teng ChengDirector

  • Keke HeWriter

  • Teng ChengWriter