Jimmy Neutron is a 10-year-old boy with an exceptionally high IQ and prodigious imagination. Always creating gadgets to make life more interesting, Jimmy has a great sense of fun and adventure, even though his inventions tend to get him into trouble more often than not. It's not until every parent in the world is kidnapped by invading aliens that his inventions get put to use. Armed and ready, Jimmy and his buddies (his trusty robotic dog, Goddard, his best friend Carl Wheezer and his rival Cindy Vortex) soar to the stars and back in one incredible and zany afternoon.

  • 1 hr 22 minGHDSD
  • Dec 21, 2001
  • Family

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Cast & Crew

  • Martin ShortActor

  • Patrick StewartActor

  • Rob PaulsenActor

  • Jim CummingsActor

  • Carlos AlazraquiActor

  • Debi DerryberryActor

  • Andrea MartinActor

  • Frank WelkerActor

  • Keith AlcornActor

  • Laraine NewmanActor