Kaili Blues Rated NR

Kaili Blues PT0M
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In a small clinic in the rain-drenched city of Kaili, two preoccupied doctors live ghost-like lives. One of them, Chen, decides to fulfill his dead mother's wish and sets off on a train journey to look for his brother's abandoned child. His partner in the clinic, a lonely old lady, asks Chen to find her old lover, and give him an old photograph, a shirt and a music cassette. But on the way, Chen passes a mysterious town called Dangmai, where time is not linear and people's lives complement each other. Here, Chen experiences the past, present and future. It's unclear whether this world is the doctor's dream, or the other way around.

Gan Bi
Linyan Liu, Yongzhong Chen, Yue Guo
Release Date
May 20, 2016