Kaptaan is a lawyer, but not by choice. He was forced into law by his long family lineage of lawyers. Hence when he is constantly failing in winning cases, it comes as less of a surprise but also with each failure the growing resentment from his father is becoming difficult to handle for Kaptaan. Kaptaan is faced with a dual rewarding opportunity of not only getting married to his childhood sweetheart but also to move to US and handle his uncle's law firm but only on the condition that he wins one case and prove his worth to his father who is retired lawyer and uncle who is a Judge. Kaptaan gets a case through his childhood friend Soni, who works for an NGO for people seeking legal advice. Soni and Kaptaan though friends but share a very volatile relationship and are looking for different things in life. Soni only approaches Kaptaan as NGO is always low on funds and has no means to provide legal expertise to people who are victim of system and red-tapism. This case also, which comes as more of procedure goes on to change Kaptaan's life and his perspective to law and its usage. It's a coming of age story full of humor and life changing events, emotions and drama. Kaptaan finds his true calling, his destiny on the path he was taking to avoid it.

  • Comedy

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