Avinash a single man in his 30s, has a software job in Bangalore. His colleagues don’t understand him, his boss hates him, and Avinash himself is bored. A life full of broken dreams has left Avinash dejected and indifferent, and he blames his father for all his miseries. When his father dies in an accident, his misfortunes increase. Burdened with the job of having to collect the body and perform the last rites, matters become worse when he is given the wrong body. A lady in Kochi – Tahira - now has Avinash’s father, while he has her mother. With no help from the authorities, he has to set this right himself, by taking a road trip to make this gruesome exchange. And for this, he needs Shaukat. Meet Shaukat. Perhaps the only friend Avinash has. A seemingly regular guy who runs a glorified garage, but dig deeper, and you will find a very unusual and warped mind. Armed with a strange outlook with regards to the world, and fleeing from some pretty suspicious characters, Shaukat decides to accompany Avinash on this road trip in a van that belongs to him. Shaukat hates the British, loves cricket, and doesn’t understand women. And thus, he is extremely upset when another passenger is unexpectedly added to their journey. Tahira’s daughter, Tanya. Meet Tanya. She is a precocious young girl with a care-a-damn attitude and a free spirit. She belongs to a completely different generation than Arvind and Shaukat. Occasionally reckless and almost always unpredictable, she is a culture shock for the two men on this journey. An uneasy alliance is formed between these three unlikely co-passengers. And an eventful (and often hilarious) journey ensues. From Bangalore to Ooty to Kumarakom and finally to Kochi where they meet Tahira, who is warm and wonderful, and the perfect end to the journey. On the way however, some crazy adventures take place, some lines are crossed, some bonds are forged, detours are made, experiences are shared and secrets are revealed. And everything changes.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr NR

    Opening Aug 3

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