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Tiger Bagderia is the undisputed king of Katak's crime world. Tiger wants his sons Raja and Heera to take over his kingdom while Guru Bhai (fierce criminal but a good hearted human being for the weak) has support from the locals. Who will end up ruling Katak - The city of the braves?

  • 2 hr 8 minNR
  • Jan 5, 2024
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Siddhanta MahaptraActor

  • Anu ChoudhuryActor

  • Devasis PatraActor

  • Choudhury Bikash dasActor

  • Poonam MishraActor

  • Prasanjeet MohapatraActor

  • Sudhanshu Mohan SahooDirector

  • Kumar Pritam SahuProducer

  • Bharadwaj PandaWriter

  • Kumar Pritam SahuWriter