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KI & KA is a light romantic comedy about an unusual modern relationship. Kabir, is not your average 27 year old. An IIM (B) topper and son of a successful builder in Delhi, Kabir choses not to have any ambitions in life, he doesn't want a career and his ultimate role model is his mother, a housewife. Kia, 30, on the other hand is an ambitious go-getter. Unlike most other women her age, her career comes before everything and her biggest dream is to be the CEO of a company. On a flight back to Delhi, their paths cross and this sets off the beginning of a rather unusual friendship. As they spend more time together, Kabir begins to see how they might be the right match for each other. So he proposes to Kia that they should get married and that he would take care of the household responsibilities, while Kia can focus completely on her career. Kia begins to realize how it could actually work and they decide to take the plunge and get married. As they slowly begin to settle into their new roles as 'Husband and Wife', Kabir begins looking after the house meticulously and with great care and Kia continues to focus on work without having to be worried about these responsibilities. They make quite a perfect match and slowly, the love between them begins to bloom. As a year passes by, a conflict begins to rise between Kia and Kabir, one that can potentially shake the foundations of their relationship. Will Kia and Kabir be able to work out their differences? Or was their relationship never meant to work out?

Romantic Comedy
R. Balki
Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor
Release Date
April 1, 2016

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    Watching Ki & Ka on Airtel Movies

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    Watching Ki & Ka on Airtel Movies

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