KILL THE INDIAN SAVE THE CHILD is a feature length documentary that examines the history and harsh realities of the Canadian Residential School system (1857 until 1988) through the words of civic leaders and tribal influencers from Canada?s West Coast. In an attempt to assimilate Native culture (to kill the Indian and save the child?) Canada passed the racist Indian Act in 1857. This film examines how the Government-sanctioned, Church-run Residential Schools created deep scars in Native culture which persist to this day. KILL THE INDIAN SAVE THE CHILD is particularly timely.?In 2021, a firestorm erupted across Canada over the news of the discovery of hundreds, potentially thousands of children?s bodies in unmarked mass graves on the sites of these former Native residential `schools.'

  • 1 hr 25 minNR
  • Oct 15, 2021
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Louie LawlessDirector

  • Louie LawlessProducer

  • Louie LawlessWriter