Kill Your Darlings Rated R

Kill Your Darlings R PT104M


A true story of friendship, love and murder, KILL YOUR DARLINGS recounts the pivotal year that changed Allen Ginsberg's life forever and provided the spark for him to start his creative revolution.

Running Time
1 hr 44 min
Release Date
October 16, 2013

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  • @mgblnch

    finished Bitwc, hmm next movie.. kill your darlings

  • @ImNotFangirling

    Kill your darlings is such a good movie


    i haven't watched kill your darlings in a while?? it's my favorite movie and i can't remember the last time i watched it

  • @lumosyana_

    I'm forcing my best friend to watch kill your darlings, well not really bc I just told her ab the movie and she was interested I'm proud

  • @poetrys_x

    RT @sgtweasley: @poetrys_x sorry i didn't want to be rude it was joke, i love kill your darlings dan and dane were awesome in that movie

  • @AralynneJane

    Kill Your Darlings is such a good movie title

  • @larryst45623273

    Kill Your Darlings is a really beautiful movie, which is a weird word to describe it with but the words are just so…