Arnie's at his best as tough L.A. detective John Kimble who must find a drug lord's wife (Golden Globe nominee Penelope Ann Miller) so she can testify in court. Problem is, she's gone into hiding to protect her son. With only the name of the kid's elementary school, Kimble must go undercover... as a kindergarten teacher! Academy Award winner Linda Hunt joins the cast with Academy Award nominee Cathy Moriarty in this great blend of action, thrills, and humor.

  • 1 hr 51 minPG13HDSD
  • Dec 21, 1990
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Arnold SchwarzeneggerActor

  • Pamela ReedActor

  • Penelope Ann MillerActor

  • Richard PortnowActor

  • Richard TysonActor

  • Park OverallActor

  • Carroll BakerActor

  • Cathy MoriartyActor

  • Linda HuntActor

  • Ivan ReitmanDirector