Roy Munson is a one-time bowling prodigy who has been reduced to scavenging for a living as a bowling supply salesman. Then he discovers a protege named Ishmael among the Amish of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the former champ thinks he has found his ticket back to the fast lane: the million dollar winner-take-all bowling tournament in Reno, Nevada. Along the way, the duo pick up a spare: a street-smart beauty named Claudia who teaches them a thing or two about the art of the hustle. Once in Reno, the trio discovers that their problems are only just beginning as they come face to face with bowling's biggest superstar: Big Ern McCracken.

  • 1 hr 54 minPG13HDSD
  • Jul 26, 1996
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Randy QuaidActor

  • Vanessa AngelActor

  • Woody HarrelsonActor

  • Zen GesnerActor

  • William JordanActor

  • Richard TysonActor

  • Chris ElliottActor

  • Lin ShayeActor

  • Bill MurrayActor

  • Bobby FarrellyDirector