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They say "No love, No Faith, No Legend, No story". Set in the 1980's "Koramma" is a story of an untouchable, orphan boy all of 5 years. Koramma, is the name of the orphan boy. Koramma grows up in the cowshed of a higher caste landlord in a village. As time passes by the landlord's city educated son returns to the village on his father's diktat. Much against his sons wishes, the landlord wants his son to be married to a village girl to keep the family tradition going. The untouchable Koramma is also of the same age of that of the landlord's son. The landlord sees the difference in the bonding and behaviour of his son compared to Koramma. The landlord feels he has more bonding with his son, but at the same time realises that he spends most of his quality time with the untouchable Koramma. Human values slowly transcend above racial discrimination. Koramma decimates untouchability with love, affection and bonding of souls of the poor and affluent, the fair and the dark, the sacred and the pariahs. It is a soulful tale of how Koramma's innocence, belief and unconditional and unfathomable love for his godfather batters the wall of untouchability brick by brick to a rubble of dust which settles down to the ground slowly and unites humans on both the sides. It reminds us of how, in India, the deep-rooted issue of untouchability was not won with bloodshed, it was won with resilience of the entire community and with love and affection.

  • NR
  • Dec 8, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Bindu RaxidiActor

  • Divyashree NaikActor

  • Guruprasad HegdeActor

  • Roopashree VoradyActor

  • Jina DharmasthalaActor

  • Mohan SheniActor

  • Shivadhwaj ShettyDirector

  • Rajeshwari RaiProducer

  • Ishwaridas ShettyProducer

  • Shrindhi BhatWriter