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As corruption grows in 1950s LA, three policemen - one strait-laced, one brutal, and one sleazy - investigate a series of murders with their own brand of justice.

  • 2 hr 18 minChildren under 17 may not attend R-rated movies unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children ages 6 and under are not allowed at R-rated movies after 6pm.
  • Sep 19, 1997
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Guy PearceActor

  • Kevin SpaceyActor

  • Russell CroweActor

  • Kim BasingerActor

  • Matt McCoyActor

  • Ron RifkinActor

  • James CromwellActor

  • Danny DevitoActor

  • David StrathairnActor

  • Graham BeckelActor