Business is bad at Mushnick's Flower shop. Shy Seymour and brave Audrey will soon be unemployed. That is until Seymour pricks his finger and a sickly little exotic plant gets its first taste of human blood. The plant spurts ten feet tall. As horticultural interest in 'Audrey II' sprouts, Mushnick's business takes off. But fresh blood must be found--and people start disappearing. Love and business bloom at a hilarious yet bloody cost.

  • Musical

Cast & Crew

  • Ellen Greene

    Ellen GreeneActor

  • Rick Moranis

    Rick MoranisActor

  • Vincent Gardenia

    Vincent GardeniaActor

  • Bill Murray

    Bill MurrayActor

  • Steve Martin

    Steve MartinActor

  • Cast Image

    James BelushiActor

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