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Lone Ranger Rated PG13

Lone Ranger PG13 PT149M

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Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) and man of the law John Reid (Armie Hammer) are opposites brought together by fate and must join forces to battle greed and corruption.

Running Time
2 hr 29 min
Release Date
July 3, 2013

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  • @stoffeldear

    RT @singsalad_ebook: Lone Ranger - good movie, but I prefer pairing with a colleague.

  • @sheilamonahan11

    Video: The Lone Ranger Official Trailer #2 (2012) - Johnny Depp Movie HD

  • @ThePatrickRollo

    Seeing @callmeluckyfilm tonight. I have never put this much forethought into a movie. If I had the Lone Ranger nightmare wouldn't haunt me

  • @YoubidderJa

    Last Second OutBid RT↺ Disney Pictures 2013 Lone Ranger Movie Production Used Western Saloon Prop S ↺Please Fa

  • @Duivelsei

    ‘The Lone Ranger’ || #LoneRanger #Film #Movie #Cinema

  • @GrantHardman

    The Lone Ranger is such a good movie

  • @StanWarnerJr

    Visited my grandparents tonight and my grandfather was watching Depp's LONE RANGER. I felt the need to apologize to him for the movie.