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Set in mythic pre-historic times, the story of a desperate battle against encroaching evil unfolds. It pits young hobbit Frodo, who has inherited a magic ring from his elderly cousin Bilbo, against the dark Lord Sauron. Wise to the powers that the magic ring holds, Sauron desires it, knowing its power will enable him to enslave the people of Middle Earth. In an effort to thwart Sauron, Frodo recruits the fellowship of a wizard, an elf, a dwarf and others on a mission to destroy the ring so no being can misuse it; however, by casting it into the volcanic fires in the Crack of Doom, the ring unleashes its own power in the struggle

  • 3 hr 29 minPG13
  • Dec 19, 2001
  • Adventure

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Cast & Crew

  • Elijah WoodActor

  • Ian McKellenActor

  • Viggo MortensenActor

  • Sean AstinActor

  • Sean BeanActor

  • Orlando BloomActor

  • Liv TylerActor

  • Hugo WeavingActor

  • Ian HolmActor

  • Andy SerkisActor