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LOURDES, a small village where the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl about 150 years ago. And where few miracles have been recognized by the church but not recognized and recounted by thousands. The biggest of them is the heart with which pilgrims come and go, each one with something to heal: mentally, physically or spiritually. Still today LOURDES is more alive than ever. And Our Lady remains active and attentive to each of her children. About 6 million people visit it every year. After the pandemic, her devotion is increasing. The multitudinous processions of people seeking a miracle feed a small army of caregivers (nurses, volunteers, hospitalists) who accompany them. These pilgrims are an amazing display of humanity: accident victims, the terminally ill, an overweight teenager being bullied at school, a group of prostitutes and trans people from Paris, etc. LOURDES is an insightful meditation on the human capacity for empathy and hope, and especially a journey into the mystery of religious faith in the face of life's profound tribulations.

  • 1 hr 50 minNR
  • Feb 8, 2023
  • Special Events

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Cast & Crew

  • Thierry DemaiziereDirector

  • Alban TeurlaiDirector

  • Alban TeurlaiProducer

  • Thierry DemaiziereProducer

  • Jeanne AptekmanWriter

  • Sixtine Leon DufourWriter

  • Thierry DemaiziereWriter

  • Alban TeurlaiWriter