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Set in New York City, among stranded characters from all over the world, the film explores the characters' stories from their different points of view. Through their subjective realities, the film reconstructs their conflicts, and the drama and action stem from it. An absurd coincidence interwines the lives of a Yugoslav hit-man, his former wife, with whom he is still obsessively in love with, and her boyfriend - a New York cop, whose father was a criminal. 'Uncle Vanya,' as is his code name, grew up as an orphan in Bosnia. He didn't know his parents, so he didn't know if he was Serb, Croat or Muslim. A victim of his circumstances and his past in war-torn Bosnia, he became a hit man against his own will. He constantly wants to quit but can't, because he is blackmailed by his boss - a burnt-out former covert operations agent. Vanya's supposedly last job is a money for drugs exchange in a hotel, where everything goes wrong. Vanya takes hostage - only it turns out the hostage is his former wife, Anna. Her boyfriend - the cop Dirk Malloy - gets on their trail, as well as Vanya's boss and two of his inept thugs - illegal immigrants from Lebanon and Italy. All of these characters do what they do out of or for love - or what they believe to be love. While on the run, Vanya and Anna argue and fight about their past, rediscover their passion, but again realize they can't be together. Dirk finally catches up with them, only to realize that Anna went with her kidnapper willingly. Through a series of confrontations, their lives and realtionships unravel. For some, the end is another beginning, and for others it is another telling of the same story.

  • Drama

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