Love Me Tomorrow Rated NR

Love Me Tomorrow PT0M
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Directed by 2015's mainstream breakthrough director Gino Santos and with a script written and developed by Jeff Stelton and G3 San Diego, LOVE ME TOMORROW is a timely and empowering film that celebrates the enduring power of true love. LOVE ME TOMORROW is a generational love story anchored on the journey of a young man named JC (Piolo Pascual), a conflicted young woman Janine (Coleen Garcia), and Christy (Dawn Zulueta) - a woman on the verge of renaissance. The movie aims to inspect if love could truly bridge gaps in age, status, and other aspects of life. Together, Direk Gino, Piolo, Coleen, and Dawn will weave a tale that shows how love could be forever young in surpassing the frivolities of flirtation and physical attraction.

Gino M. Santos
Dawn Zulueta, Piolo Pascual
Release Date
June 3, 2016