Death, taxes, and menopause are unavoidable facts of life. LOVE, SWEAT & TEARS is a groundbreaking, inspiring, and humorous look at a long taboo subject that will impact both women and men during their lifetimes. Filled with humor, insight and accurate medical information, LOVE, SWEAT & TEARS follows Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry, 'Americaas Menopause Romance Doctor' guides women through the isolation, fear and confusion of this phase of life to become happier and healthier. The film includes interviews with renowned medical experts, comedians such as Joan Rivers in her last screen appearance, and spiritual leaders including Dr. Michael Beckwith. On a mission to de-stigmatize menopause, Dr. Pam takes a sex-positive approach to keeping romance alive and enjoying intimacy long after the flow is gone.

  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • SCOTT JACOBSDirector

  • JIM STONEProducer

  • JIM WACKERProducer

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