After 11-year-old Tim Hart loses his parents, he balks at living with his immensely immature Uncle Max, a second-rate magician who must grow up to be a father figure and, perhaps, find love while he's at it.

  • 1 hr 37 minNR
  • Jan 26, 2021
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Ivan SergeiActor

  • Lotus BlossomActor

  • Parker BatesActor

  • Barry CorbinActor

    Barry's full given name is Leonard Barrie Corbin, and he was born on October 16, 1940 in Lamesa, Texas, to Kilmer Blain Corbin, an attorney & TX State Senator, and Alma Corbin, an elementary school teacher. Barry and his wife Jo share a ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. He says when he isn't working, he rides horses there every chance he gets.
  • Joe EstevezActor

  • Sally KirklandActor

  • Starletta DupoisActor

  • Jud TylorActor

  • James D. FieldsDirector

  • Sean FernaldProducer