King lives an affluent lifestyle. Before his rise to fame, he desired to become famous. Throughout his adolescent years, his grandfather, Burton, tried to instruct him on living a life of integrity and wholesomeness. A life void of greed. As his career as an up and coming, nationally recognizable, inspirational/teacher and speaker blossoms, it is obvious to his inner circle that his upbringing no longer coincides with his character. He had obviously leaned his ladder against the wrong wall.

  • 1 hr 38 minNR
  • Mar 17, 2023
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Cameron ArnettActor

  • Vonii BristowActor

  • Danielle TarmeyActor

  • Joe GrayActor

  • Lara SilvaActor

  • Morgan GrahamActor

  • Hugo AcevedoActor

  • Kathryn AlexanderActor

  • Burgess JenkinsDirector

  • John MaynardProducer