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'Man of Steel' is coming to the big screen. The film is from director Zack Snyder and producers Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer & Nolan, based upon Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.

Running Time
2 hr 23 min
Release Date
June 14, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @thehuman_and_i

    Have decided to see Superman The Movie again. I'm worried that I'll like it more than Man of Steel.

  • @ChrisZapata

    This man of steel movie better be good. I spend all my time finding what to watch on Netflix rather than actually watching the movie

  • @JohnVanDamage

    Man of Steel is the greatest comic book movie of all time. #Superman

  • @MarvelMash

    Superman Movie "Man of Steel" Twin Sheet Set Bedding

  • @Crimzon_Cross

    Can we just call the Man of Steel sequel what it is at this point? It's a Justice League movie or at least it's a Justice League prequel.

  • @vG_Salvation

    They are having Cyborg in Man of Steel 2? This is starting to look like a Justice League movie instead of a Man of Steel sequel.

  • @ianklsdmbldr

    WOW they cast Cyborg in the Man of Steel sequel! we're definitely getting a Justice League movie after that!