Mark and Mary, acquaintances from college, run into each other at a drug store as Mary is buying a pregnancy test. The test is negative and the two wind up dating and rapidly falling for each other. Mark has a more traditional view of relationships and Mary's view is more modern and progressive. They try 'ethical non-monogamy' at Mary's request, and create their own version of an open relationship, while also trying to balance their fledgling careers and friendships. Through a series of ups and downs, Mary starts to realize she's more traditional than she thought whereas Mark starts to open up and see the world differently through Mary and a polyamorous lens.

  • 1 hr 29 minNR
  • Nov 5, 2021
  • Romantic Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Ben RosenfieldActor

  • Nik DodaniActor

  • Hayley LawActor

  • Hannah MarksDirector

  • Hannah MarksProducer

  • Jonathan DuffyProducer

  • Kelly WilliamsProducer

  • Pete WilliamsProducer

  • Brendan WalterProducer

  • Jon LulloProducer