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Eve desired the apple in Garden of Eden, whereas for Adam, the apple was Eve herself! And as the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away! This philosophy is firmly believed by our 2 modern day Adams: Sunny and Aditya. Both love wooing beautiful women but rather than waste time in serious relationships, they believe it’s best to have some fun and disappear before things get serious! True love strikes when Aditya and Sunny meet our two girls, twin sisters Lily and Laila, who sweep them off their feet! Aditya falls for Lily while Sunny falls for Laila and both men have a change of heart! Both now want love, romance, marriage and forever. However, Lily is engaged to be married to Deshpremee Singh who is paralyzed and on a wheelchair. Poor Aditya is helpless as in her eyes he stands no chance. Lily would never leave Deshpremee given his ill condition. Mastizaade then moves to the exotic overseas venue of Pattaya where Lily’s destination wedding is about to take place. Aditya, along with Sunny, decides to crash Lily’s wedding and win her heart at any cost by breaking her and Deshpremee up. Meanwhile Sunny tries to curb Laila’s not-so-sweet intentions and convince her that true love is worth getting married for! This leads to crazy and hilarious situations! Throw in Laila and Lily’s actor father, their artist brother, their cousin sisters, Lily’s fiancé and his twin brother, Laila and Lily’s runaway mother and Aditya and Sunny’s Love Guru, Deep, and what you have is an adult comedy full of madness, chaos and hysterical mix-ups! Mastizaade is a crazy, funny comedy of errors where Aditya and Sunny try to win Lily and Laila and explain to the world that they are not the bad guys, they are just misunderstood and lovable rascals!

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.1 hr 48 minNR

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