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Fearless and wise beyond her teenage years Max, knows what it's like to soar above the world. She and her family of orphans--Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel--are just like ordinary kids. Only they can fly. It may seem like a dream come true to some, but their lives can morph into a living nightmare at any time. When Angel, the youngest member of their flock, is kidnapped, Max must face her worst nightmare yet and lead them back to the lab where they were created. In the process, she discovers the biggest betrayal of all.

Jay Martin
Release Date
September 30, 2016

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    #Maximumride #Nonton #Movie #Cinema #Bioskop #Bioskopkeren #Film Nonton Movie Maximum Ride 2016 Subtitle Indonesia…

  • @sangheilisord

    ......... there was a maximum ride movie??

  • @Emilyluv1001

    RT @miss__insanity: I'm watching the Maximum Ride movie again and it's stressing me out cause it's WRONG.

  • @BorderlineBell

    can Allaa hurry up and finish the Maximum Ride series so we can watch the movie together, what is this

  • @Sotone_bot

    The Maximum Ride movie series better /actually/ happen in 2013 or I will cry forever.

  • @badlandblood

    Maximum Ride was made into a movie and that brings me an overwhelming amount of joy

  • @YouRUN_iSKIP

    The movie maximum ride actually disrespects the book🙄🙄