McFarland Rated PG

McFarland PG PT129M


A track coach in a small California town transforms a team of athletes into championship contenders.

Running Time
2 hr 9 min
Niki Caro
Kevin Costner, Maria Bello
Release Date
February 20, 2015

Movie Buzz

  • @andrea_mgray

    RT @confidentobrien: McFarland USA is the best movie to exist

  • @confidentobrien

    McFarland USA is the best movie to exist

  • @aimeeegiselle

    the movie McFarland makes me cry everytime, knowing that kids that grew up in the same city as me made an impact.... its amazing

  • @YeseniaYbarra15

    McFarland USA is a pretty good movie

  • @elliecortez8

    McFarland is the best movie ever

  • @Myyy_Myyy

    And on top of all the other stuff going on in Bakersfield the dude that they made the movie "McFarland" after is a dirty cop 😩😩

  • @MattGriffiths17

    Awww, McFarland was such a good movie. Made me cry